Debuting March of ‘23, our debut single ‘NEVER COMIN DOWN’ is all about never giving in, no matter the pushback. Perseverance, determination and will-power are the themes of the track.


We brought in a good friend by the name of Scott Stephenson to feature as the main character of the accompanying music video. Scott is a true American hero, having toured with the US Army 3/509th Airborne Infantry Battalion and becoming injured in 2006.


The song kicks off with the lyric “So low these vultures try to ground me…”. To us, the vultures represent a variety of negative influences that attempt to break each of us down when we are at our lowest. From physical pain to anxiety and spiraling depression, our hope is that each listener can connect with the sentiment of these ‘vultures’. Everybody has their own demons and their own struggles. The message we are trying to convey is one that says no matter the hardships, no matter the past, we make the present in every waking breath. We will never back down. 


“Hey, come and try to break me”- the vultures never stood a chance!


“Look at the sky and see my wings, so high I’ll fly away”- Now that we have acnowledged these demons, they cannot touch us as we fly higher and stronger every day. 


Through the highs and lows we rise together, we fall together. Most importantly- we stick together. And NEVER give up.